Imagine if …

So you come gome from school one day and mum or dad say that they have some pretty big news for you – you have another brother or sister – roughly the same age as you! How would you feel? ….

Well that is the situation Kieran finds himself in when his cousin arrives one day unannounced telling him ‘We’re brothers, we are’. This turns Kieran’s world upside down and presents him with many challenges both at home and at school. Bon desperately wants to be  Kieran’s friend but Kieran is not so sure. Can you imagine what that might be like??

How might your life change if a cousin you had never met suddenly came to live with you? What would be the positives … and what might be difficult?


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7 thoughts on “Imagine if …

  1. Hi 5/6 MK,
    I think it would be an enormous shock to discover you had a brother, sister or cousin that you didn’t know about. I think it would take me awhile to get over that. Change in families is a big thing to deal with. But on a positive side, it would be a great opportunity to welcome a new family member and get to know him or her.
    Has this situation ever happened to someone you know?

  2. Hi 5/6MK,
    I think it would be a huge shook to wake up one day and out-of-the-blue being told you have a new sibling. It would be great to have a new person to hang around with, a new person to be friends with and a new person to get to know. But also on the not so great side, it would be hard if it felt like they were trying to take your place or if they were doing what you do. I wonder what it would feel like to discover you had a new relative. Has this happened to you before?

  3. Hi 5/6 MK,
    I think it would be very shocking at first to find out you had a family member you never knew about. It would might take a long time to warm up to them or maybe it will happen as quick as lightning. It would be fun to meet someone you never knew, but it may effect your family in ways that are just horrible.
    How long do you think it would take you to warm up to a new family member ?
    From Lilli

  4. Hi 5/6 M/K,
    On the positive side it would be really cool if you had a cousin . On the difficult side it might be a hard change. You might have to choose between being popular or doing the right thing.

  5. Hi 5/6 MK,
    I have never really thought much about this topic until late last year when my uncle started seeing another women. Then suddenly, I had three new cousins! Which was good because one of them is roughly my age. I wonder if Kieran will ever make friends with Bon and adjust the change in his family.

  6. Hi 5/6MK
    If I found out I had another sister, brother or cousin I would be both surprised and shocked. It would take some time to adjust to the change but it would be great having another person about my age to talk to.
    Has this situation happened to anyone?

  7. Hey 5/6 MK,
    It’s Karissa I think what might be difficult if I had another brother, sister or cousin would be helping them out because I would have to adjust to him or her, and another difficult point would be accepting change. One of the positive points would be I’d have another family member to have fun with and laugh with.

    From Karissa

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