Need help with algorithms??

We are all so good now at mental addition (even two digit numbers) that were ready to learn about another strategy for addition – the algorithm. Once we had figured out how they work, Mary asked us to make a video teaching others how to do them. We had to be very precise with our mathematical language and this was quite challenging. We got quite technical with our feedback to each other about the words we used to explain the algorithm. Here is one of the best explanations from our class, from Chloe and Keeley who worked together. Watch and learn…

IMG_0100 (1)

What strategy do you use when you are adding???

5 thoughts on “Need help with algorithms??

  1. Hi everyone,
    I hope from watching my video you now know how to do a correct algorithm. An algorithm is a great way to add two large numbers together, and it’s really easy!
    From Chloe

  2. Hi guys,

    Watching Chloe’s video really helps, now I will never forget algorithm it’s stuck in my head.

    From Mackenzie 🙂

  3. Hi class
    Chloe did really well on showing and explaining how to do algorithm. It helps where to put numbers and in what column. Its quicker to add high numbers.

  4. I agree girls, I think Chloe’s video is really helpful. Keeley did a great one too so I better get organised and post that too! Isn’t it fantastic when we can learn from one another??

  5. I love algorithms particularly for solving big sums or equations. But sometimes they’re not so good if you’re trying to solve a simple equation in your head.
    Karissa 🙂

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