A Visitor to Holy Spirit

Today we had the author and illustrator Sue de Gennaro come to speak to the 5/6 students. You can read more about her here. Here are some of her tips …


2 thoughts on “A Visitor to Holy Spirit

  1. Hi 5/6MM,
    I thought Sue was great at teaching us about art! I learnt heaps about drawing and making drawings more interesting! My favourite part was when we drew the frog character from “The Pros and Cons of Being a Frog”- Sue de Gennaro. What was yours?
    From Bess

  2. Hey guys,
    It was so nice to have a visitor come to our school, and teach us new techniques. When you grow up would you rather be a author or illustrator? I loved when we drew with Sue she taught us how to cast an effect She also taught us how to make a person look like they were actually inside their clothes.

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