Manga Mania!

This year, we have started learning Japanese at our school. We are LOVING it and look forward to our weekly Japanese lesson with Kathrin. She has introduced us to some aspects of the Japanese culture and one of them is Manga. You can read more about it here. This form of Japanese comic dates back to the late 19th Century so it is well and truly older than us (even Mary and Krystyna too!!!) We have had a go at drawing our own Manga style comic characters. Take a look …


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What is your favourite aspect of Japanese culture??

5 thoughts on “Manga Mania!

  1. Hi 5/6 MK,
    As a young girl, I learnt music through Yamaha, a Japanese company. From time to time, the company would send out Japanese instructors to work with us – they were always talented and gentle men who really wanted to help us to better musicians so I have a very soft spot for all things Japanese.
    One of the things I love most about Japan is the food, especially the sashimi – the raw fish. I love it and always order this dish if I go to a Japanese restaurant. I really hope to travel to Japan one day with my family.
    Looking forward to hearing from you,

  2. Hi 5/6 MK
    I really loved learning how to draw mangas.It was awesome learning how other countries draw.At my old school lots my friends could draw mangas each slightly different. I love manga drawing don’t you?


  3. Hi 5/6 mk
    I really love our manga drawings we did in Japanese.we added so much colour and effects to make it stand out. I love Japanese don’t you?

    • Your manga drawings are fantastic Courtney and now I know a little bit more about them as I had to research them for the blog. See, I am still learning every day!

  4. Hi everyone,
    I can’t believe how good people are at drawing manga’s! How did you learn to draw like that guys? When you did them did you have fun or what!? It looked like you had a good time and I think you let your imaginations go wild! Did you not? I wish you could see mine and if you could I wonder what you would say about it?

    From Kai B

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