One of our favourites – ONCE

This term, our class novel is one of Mary and Krystyna’s all time favourites and we are both really excited to be sharing such a special book with you …. (drumroll) …ONCE by Morris Gleitzman. To start you thinking about this amazing narrative, here are a few clips to get your mind ticking over.

What are some themes or key ideas that you think might emerge from this book?

Take a look at Morris Gleitzman’s website for some more information about him and his extensive collection of books!


5 thoughts on “One of our favourites – ONCE

  1. Hi 5/6MK,
    Once really is a good book! A fantastic mix of history and humour, I’m really looking forward to reading Once again, and learning even more about World War 2. Has anyone else read Once?
    From Bess

    • I am glad you approve of our choice Bess. It really is one of my all time favourites and I think Morris Gleitzman is a pretty incredible author. How amazing would it be to learn how to write narratives from him?

  2. Hi everyone,
    I think the main themes of the book Once are, war, courage and peace. Mary, do you know if that is correct and if it is please tell me. i would love to hear back from you soon class mates or people of the world.

    From Kai B

    • Hi Kai,
      You will have to work out the themes for yourself!! Try and think about what Morris Gleitzman was trying to tell us through the actions and story of Felix. I do believe courage is important in this book. Felix is able to face his fears and incredibly tough situations and still take action and try to sort out the many problems he faces. Have you ever had to find courage in a difficult situation Kai?

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