The Box



Now that you are persuasive experts, we are going to start work on narrative writing. Our title is going to be ‘The Box’. Let’s share all our great ideas for possible texts on the padlet below – go for it!


3 thoughts on “The Box

  1. Hi 5/6MK
    I just love this cool program (padlet). I think its a cool way to share ideas,there are so many amazing programs these days. Are you excited about the box narratives, I know I am ?


    • I agree, Sienna, it is a great way to collect information or record ideas. When I was teaching 3/4, one of the homework tasks was for the parents to add their understandings of multiplication to a padlet on the blog – THAT was interesting!!

  2. Hi 5\6,
    I love the way we have started our story and you have inspired me to make my own story and I will tell you about it in class when you would like me to. How did you come up with the ideas? When did you think these story starters up and how did you think them up?

    From your class mate Kai B

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