Family Week 2014


Well it rained, and it rained, and it rained … but that didn’t stop our visitors on Family Week Open Afternoon! It was great to welcome some special family members into our classroom to share our learning. We even had overseas guests! We are going to fund raise for Catholic Care later in the term when we have our Business Expo. You can read more about what Catholic Care do here.

Here are two of our gorgeous families

photo 1 (5)

photo 2 (6)

5 thoughts on “Family Week 2014

  1. Hi guys,
    family day was so fun and I can’t believe how cool it was to meet other peoples grandparents and parents. Even though I didn’t have anyone there I had SO much fun. I met other people that I had never seen before and got to know them. Then I went see other people and they were happy to meet and greet me and then I went back to my own business and helped out. How much fun did you have that day?

    From Kai B

  2. Hi everyone,
    Family day was really fun because we got to meet other peoples grandparents and parents. No one from my family came but then I got more time to socialize with other peoples relatives. Did anyone from your family come?


  3. Hi 5/6mk
    My nanna would be happy to be on the blog[even though she doesn’t know much about blogs]
    from Ingrid.

  4. Hi everyone it’s me Rory,
    When we had family day it happened to be that my family from New Zealand was here. I the one in the first picture with a blue jumper on.

    Do you have any family overseas?
    See you later, Rory(:

    • Hi Rory,
      I have NOT ONE SINGLE FAMILY member living overseas! Not very helpful when we want to go on holidays! I think I am lucky though that all my family is relatively close by. Even so, sometimes months can go by before I catch up with my brothers and sisters as we are all pretty busy with our families.

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