Figuring out figurative language!

This week we will be exploring figurative language and how authors use this to create interest and spice in their writing. We will be focusing on the use of similes and metaphors but these are not the only types of figurative language. Talk a look at this clip …


After you have watched this clip, you will know something about similes, metaphors, hyperbole (can you say this one??!!), alliteration, repetition and dialect. Choose one of these literary devices and find some examples of it in your novel. You might need to watch the clip again or do a search to find out more about what it means. When you have found some examples, create a poster (using publisher) about your chosen literary device including what it means and some examples from your novel. Save it into the printing folder/Literary Devices so I can print it in colour for you!!

Watch this space people for some amazing, educational posters … coming soon!!

5 thoughts on “Figuring out figurative language!

  1. Hi 56 MK
    Watching this video has really taught me a lot about figurative language. I already knew about alliterations, similes and metaphors, but I had no idea about hyperbole (I didn’t know how to pronounce that!) Or repetition and dialect.
    Did anyone else not know about hyperbole?

    • Hi Mal,
      Before I watched the video, I had no idea what a hyperbole was, and still I have trouble saying it.
      Do like hyperbole?
      Rory ( :

  2. Hi guys,
    When we watched this video at school and had to do a poster on one of the figurative languages I wanted to do a poster about personification because my most favourite thing about books is when they use personification.
    What’s your favourite type of figurative language?

    From Rory ( :

    • Hi Rory,
      I think my favourite is hyperbole – just because I love saying it!!! I think each different type can add something unique to a piece of writing. And you don’t find them all in the one text usually. Metaphors and similes are fantastic for rich writing. I wonder if you will include some of these in your next text?

  3. Hi Guys,
    Literary devices are important to us in our writing or else we would be like uninteresting and boring. Figurative language in our writing is VERY exciting.

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