The Skeleton Island Economy


Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Tim Hamilton via Compfight

Welcome to Skeleton Island.

To survive here, you will need a bottle of water each day, a bottle of insect repellent (you should see the mozzies!!) and a fishing rod (well, you have to eat something!!). You have $100 … how many days will you survive?? There is a reason this place is called Skeleton Island you know!

Here is what happened when we ventured out to Skeleton Island:

As you can hear and see, Skeleton Island is a noisy and frenetic place to try and survive. The shopkeepers really know how to maximise profit and how to use supply and demand to their advantage.

What did you learn when selling or surviving on Skeleton Island?


9 thoughts on “The Skeleton Island Economy

  1. Hi everyone,
    the Skeleton Island game was really fun. I learnt that instead of buying something straight away, you should look around at different shops to try and find the best deal. Towards the end of the game, the supply on water was getting really low so the demand of profit was alot higher.

    What was a challenge for you while trying to survive on skeleton island?

    From Hannah

  2. Hi everyone,
    Playing the game ‘Skeleton island’ was really fun.I learnt that as the goods became more scarce the demand grew higher for those items. By the last few rounds, the shopkeepers ran out of stock and were trying to trade goods with each other so that their final profit would be higher.

    How many rounds did you survive on Skeleton Island?


  3. Hi everyone,
    Playing the game skeleton Island was really fun. I learnt that as the goods grew more scarce, the demand for those items got higher and higher. In the last few rounds the shopkeepers ran out of stock, so they were trading with each other to try and increase their final profit.

    How many rounds did you survive?

  4. Hi everyone, Jade here
    When we played skeleton island I learnt that the shop keepers needed to use supply and demand to their advantage to make maximum profit.
    I don’t know why the buyers didn’t buy all the water in round 1?
    From Jade

  5. Hi everyone,

    Yes the skeleton island game was fun but was really hard. the thing I found hard was trying to buy things because just as the soon as the supply went down all the prices went up like water was $50 dollars,but it really showed me a lot about supply and demand.

    from Mackenzie

  6. Hi everyone,

    It’s me Mackenzie again, just saying to Jade that most of us tried to buy all of it on day 1 but the day only went for 2 mins so we didn’t get enough do buy it.

    from Mackenzie 🙂

  7. Hi guys,
    When we were playing skeleton island I was a seller. You may think being a seller was easy, well it was not! It was so confusing because when the people were desperate and the products were scarce I knew that I would have to start raising the prices. I was pretty sure that I was safe when I raised the prices because when the game went further on everyone started to get anxious and payed more.

    What were you a buyer or a seller?

    Bye, Rory (:

  8. Hi everyone,

    Its Lucas again, after doing skeleton island I wish I could have another go to be more responsible with my money and buy the right things at the right, but it was so much!

    From Lucas

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