Screen printing



All of Grade 5/6 enjoyed working on screen printing. It meant that we had to draw up a stencil and then print over it using screen inks. We managed to do 2 prints on paper and 1 on material. In the photos you can see how its important to apply pressure to the screen to be successful in printing.


OKAY! We have it ‘figured’ out!

IF you have been following our blog, you would know we have been figuring out figurative language! We have explored different types such as similes, metaphors, hyperbole (Mary’s favourite!), personification and dialect. Last week, we played a fast and furious game where we had to grab a sentence and work as a team to decide which type of literary device it was. Fun times and lots of discussion and learning (and the occasional disagreement!) Here are some action shots …







Can you share any great examples of figurative language you have read lately??