OKAY! We have it ‘figured’ out!

IF you have been following our blog, you would know we have been figuring out figurative language! We have explored different types such as similes, metaphors, hyperbole (Mary’s favourite!), personification and dialect. Last week, we played a fast and furious game where we had to grab a sentence and work as a team to decide which type of literary device it was. Fun times and lots of discussion and learning (and the occasional disagreement!) Here are some action shots …







Can you share any great examples of figurative language you have read lately??

6 thoughts on “OKAY! We have it ‘figured’ out!

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I love hyperboles the best (like Mary!)
    Hyperboles are an exaggeration. My teacher yelled like a dragon! That sentence is also a simile because it has either ‘like’ or ‘as’ in it.
    From Chloe

  2. I am impressed Chloe with your figurative language…and also that your teacher yelled like a dragon. I have never heard a dragon yell, roar yes. I’m wondering which teacher you are talking about? Must be the one had today…you know the one that left in her turbo charged red Barina. Now that is an exaggeration. Krystyna

    • Hi 5/6MK,
      HAHA Krystyna, no it wasn’t you or Mary I was just giving an example of a hyperbole! Red Barina??? I’m sure I saw you leaving with a pointy hat on a broom stick!! I don’t know?
      From Chloe

  3. Well done Chloe, good response! I must have been dreaming, a turbo charged Ferrari broomstick. Now that will upset the revved up Range Rover red heads

    • Hi 5/6MK,
      Krystyna, great alliteration! You know you’re great at writing when figurative language comes in a sentence accidentally!! HAHA! Those poor red heads in the Range Rovers, they should have brought the turbo charged Ferrari! 
      From Chloe

  4. Hi Everyone,
    It looks very interesting what you are doing.
    I hope you are all having fun with your learning
    I would love to learn about what your learning

    From Alessia St Bedes North Balwyn

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