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All of Grade 5/6 enjoyed working on screen printing. It meant that we had to draw up a stencil and then print over it using screen inks. We managed to do 2 prints on paper and 1 on material. In the photos you can see how its important to apply pressure to the screen to be successful in printing.


9 thoughts on “Screen printing

  1. Hi
    I really enjoyed screen printing. Because it’s your so there’s no wrong or right if you make a mistake you just get over it. Would we be able to revist screen printing.

  2. Hi 5/6MK,
    I loved doing screen printing. I especially liked doing all the different stages of it. And to think it all started with a sketch! I think everyone had a lot of fun doing it. I wonder if any other schools have done screen printing this year?

  3. Hi 5/6MK,
    Screen printing was an adventure for me with lots and lots of steps! I loved screen printing because I’ve never seen such a thing as screen printing before. Did you know about screen printing before we did it with Krystyna?
    From Chloe

  4. Hi everyone,
    even though I did not get to screen print my own, I had heaps of fun screen printing Rory’s. The finished products look amazing with all the different colours and I really like the material prints. I hope we can revisit screen printing so I can make one of my own.

    What print did you like best?

    From Hannah.

  5. Hi everyone
    I really enjoyed learning how to screen print, this was really fun. Thank you so much Ray and Krystyna? this was a amazing experience for me. was it a amazing experience for you ?

  6. Hi everyone,
    Screen printing was awesome fun, and it was good to have Ray come in and help us. I loved the finished product, and the colors of the ink were great!
    What was your favorite part of screen printing?


  7. Hi Krystyna,
    I LOOOVED doing screen printing. I was so exited when you said we were doing screen printing for art for the next few weeks. When we started making our stencil it was kind of hard at first but as soon as I had made it half way through it, it became a lot more easy. then I started to do the actual screen printing and that was so amazing and messy. I love things that involve getting real messy and then washing it off or letting it dry on your hands.

    From Kai B

  8. hi everyone
    I really enjoyed screen printing because I had the chance to experiment with diferent colours.
    Thankyou for helping us Ray and Kristyna.
    I hope we get the chance to do this again?
    Fron Tegan.

  9. Hello World,
    I enjoyed screen printing because it was fun to move the brush up and down on the screen. I feel that screen printing is a good way to produce certain pieces of art. Did you do negative or positive for your screen print?
    From Lilli

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