The Ladder …

So we are learning about algebra in Maths and thinking algebraically (is there such a word as this????!) This week, Mary posed a problem for us to think about and work out mathematically …

How many sticks would it take to make a 5 rung ladder?


If we know how many sticks it takes to make a 5 rung ladder, is there a way we can predict how many sticks we would need for a 13 rung ladder, or a 45 rung ladder??

There was some great team work going to solve this mathematical problem and indeed yes, there is an efficient way to calculate how many sticks you would for 13 or 45 rungs .. or in fact, as many rungs as you like.  Here are some photos of us in action:



Can you work out the formula?

7 thoughts on “The Ladder …

  1. Hi everyone,
    Just to let you know, we landed in Spain yesterday, on the 25th. Everyone is well, and Barcelona has been great! Today we went on a bus tour, and sore the museum, and a cathedral on a mountain, which was three storeys high, had lots and lots of statues, and on the top storey there was a statue of Jesus holding his arms out, and we could stand up there at the base of his feet, and there was about two hundred stairs to walk up to get there! Tomorrow,now today for you, we are going on a half day tour, and going to the beach! I can’t believe that I am going to swim in Mediterranean Sea! Our next stop is Amsterdam, in The Netherlands and we are going to fly there on Saturday, so I will give you another update when we get there.
    I will bring photos back when I get back, because I am not sure how to put them in a comment yet, but we are about to go and tapes for dinner, so I better stop writing!
    Thanks everyone,

  2. Hi 5/6 KC
    I’m having a great time at St Marys every one is treating me nicely and there letting me play with them and so much good stuff did you like the excursion at the art Gallery.
    From Jackson Lowrie

  3. So good to get your news Mal. We are busy at the moment finalising our art works for the Art show. I loved Barcelona and all the Gaudi works of art. I guess you will be inspired by what you see. Keep in touch Krystyna

    • Hi everyone,
      Sorry I haven’t been in touch for a while, who has the time to comment on a blog anyway! I am in Venice, and l am going to see the glass factory tomorrow. How are your art show pieces coming along? I would love to hear from you,
      Thanks Mal

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