Screen printing



All of Grade 5/6 enjoyed working on screen printing. It meant that we had to draw up a stencil and then print over it using screen inks. We managed to do 2 prints on paper and 1 on material. In the photos you can see how its important to apply pressure to the screen to be successful in printing.


Manga Mania!

This year, we have started learning Japanese at our school. We are LOVING it and look forward to our weekly Japanese lesson with Kathrin. She has introduced us to some aspects of the Japanese culture and one of them is Manga. You can read more about it here. This form of Japanese comic dates back to the late 19th Century so it is well and truly older than us (even Mary and Krystyna too!!!) We have had a go at drawing our own Manga style comic characters. Take a look …


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What is your favourite aspect of Japanese culture??