One of our favourites – ONCE

This term, our class novel is one of Mary and Krystyna’s all time favourites and we are both really excited to be sharing such a special book with you …. (drumroll) …ONCE by Morris Gleitzman. To start you thinking about this amazing narrative, here are a few clips to get your mind ticking over.

What are some themes or key ideas that you think might emerge from this book?

Take a look at Morris Gleitzman’s website for some more information about him and his extensive collection of books!


Need help with algorithms??

We are all so good now at mental addition (even two digit numbers) that were ready to learn about another strategy for addition – the algorithm. Once we had figured out how they work, Mary asked us to make a video teaching others how to do them. We had to be very precise with our mathematical language and this was quite challenging. We got quite technical with our feedback to each other about the words we used to explain the algorithm. Here is one of the best explanations from our class, from Chloe and Keeley who worked together. Watch and learn…

IMG_0100 (1)

What strategy do you use when you are adding???

Welcome to our class blog!

Hi 5/6 MK and welcome to our class blog for 2014. This is a place and space where we can share our learning, experiences and laughs with one another, our family, our community and the whole wide world! We have got off to a great start this year with 24 FANTASTIC students and 2 AMAZING teachers (of course!) 5/6 is a special level with many unqiue experiences waiting for us.

What are YOU looking forward to this year??