Need help with algorithms??

We are all so good now at mental addition (even two digit numbers) that were ready to learn about another strategy for addition – the algorithm. Once we had figured out how they work, Mary asked us to make a video teaching others how to do them. We had to be very precise with our mathematical language and this was quite challenging. We got quite technical with our feedback to each other about the words we used to explain the algorithm. Here is one of the best explanations from our class, from Chloe and Keeley who worked together. Watch and learn…

IMG_0100 (1)

What strategy do you use when you are adding???

Collecting data …

photo credit: Mykl Roventine via photopin cc

This week, we will be starting our next Maths unit all about Data.

Do you know what data is?

Or why we might collect it?

Or what data might be used for?

Or how it is collected?

Well, we will explore these questions and more this week. But firstly, one way we can collect data is by ‘crowd sourcing’ it – asking a question on our blog and inviting people to answer it.

So … what question do you think we should ask that would enable us to collect some useful data??


Imagine if …

So you come gome from school one day and mum or dad say that they have some pretty big news for you – you have another brother or sister – roughly the same age as you! How would you feel? ….

Well that is the situation Kieran finds himself in when his cousin arrives one day unannounced telling him ‘We’re brothers, we are’. This turns Kieran’s world upside down and presents him with many challenges both at home and at school. Bon desperately wants to be  Kieran’s friend but Kieran is not so sure. Can you imagine what that might be like??

How might your life change if a cousin you had never met suddenly came to live with you? What would be the positives … and what might be difficult?


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Welcome to our class blog!

Hi 5/6 MK and welcome to our class blog for 2014. This is a place and space where we can share our learning, experiences and laughs with one another, our family, our community and the whole wide world! We have got off to a great start this year with 24 FANTASTIC students and 2 AMAZING teachers (of course!) 5/6 is a special level with many unqiue experiences waiting for us.

What are YOU looking forward to this year??