Figuring out figurative language!

This week we will be exploring figurative language and how authors use this to create interest and spice in their writing. We will be focusing on the use of similes and metaphors but these are not the only types of figurative language. Talk a look at this clip …


After you have watched this clip, you will know something about similes, metaphors, hyperbole (can you say this one??!!), alliteration, repetition and dialect. Choose one of these literary devices and find some examples of it in your novel. You might need to watch the clip again or do a search to find out more about what it means. When you have found some examples, create a poster (using publisher) about your chosen literary device including what it means and some examples from your novel. Save it into the printing folder/Literary Devices so I can print it in colour for you!!

Watch this space people for some amazing, educational posters … coming soon!!

Imagine if …

So you come gome from school one day and mum or dad say that they have some pretty big news for you – you have another brother or sister – roughly the same age as you! How would you feel? ….

Well that is the situation Kieran finds himself in when his cousin arrives one day unannounced telling him ‘We’re brothers, we are’. This turns Kieran’s world upside down and presents him with many challenges both at home and at school. Bon desperately wants to be  Kieran’s friend but Kieran is not so sure. Can you imagine what that might be like??

How might your life change if a cousin you had never met suddenly came to live with you? What would be the positives … and what might be difficult?


photo credit: Vincent_AF via photopin cc