The Ladder …

So we are learning about algebra in Maths and thinking algebraically (is there such a word as this????!) This week, Mary posed a problem for us to think about and work out mathematically …

How many sticks would it take to make a 5 rung ladder?


If we know how many sticks it takes to make a 5 rung ladder, is there a way we can predict how many sticks we would need for a 13 rung ladder, or a 45 rung ladder??

There was some great team work going to solve this mathematical problem and indeed yes, there is an efficient way to calculate how many sticks you would for 13 or 45 rungs .. or in fact, as many rungs as you like.  Here are some photos of us in action:



Can you work out the formula?

The Skeleton Island Economy


Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Tim Hamilton via Compfight

Welcome to Skeleton Island.

To survive here, you will need a bottle of water each day, a bottle of insect repellent (you should see the mozzies!!) and a fishing rod (well, you have to eat something!!). You have $100 … how many days will you survive?? There is a reason this place is called Skeleton Island you know!

Here is what happened when we ventured out to Skeleton Island:

As you can hear and see, Skeleton Island is a noisy and frenetic place to try and survive. The shopkeepers really know how to maximise profit and how to use supply and demand to their advantage.

What did you learn when selling or surviving on Skeleton Island?


Family Week 2014


Well it rained, and it rained, and it rained … but that didn’t stop our visitors on Family Week Open Afternoon! It was great to welcome some special family members into our classroom to share our learning. We even had overseas guests! We are going to fund raise for Catholic Care later in the term when we have our Business Expo. You can read more about what Catholic Care do here.

Here are two of our gorgeous families

photo 1 (5)

photo 2 (6)

Manga Mania!

This year, we have started learning Japanese at our school. We are LOVING it and look forward to our weekly Japanese lesson with Kathrin. She has introduced us to some aspects of the Japanese culture and one of them is Manga. You can read more about it here. This form of Japanese comic dates back to the late 19th Century so it is well and truly older than us (even Mary and Krystyna too!!!) We have had a go at drawing our own Manga style comic characters. Take a look …


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What is your favourite aspect of Japanese culture??

Collecting data …

photo credit: Mykl Roventine via photopin cc

This week, we will be starting our next Maths unit all about Data.

Do you know what data is?

Or why we might collect it?

Or what data might be used for?

Or how it is collected?

Well, we will explore these questions and more this week. But firstly, one way we can collect data is by ‘crowd sourcing’ it – asking a question on our blog and inviting people to answer it.

So … what question do you think we should ask that would enable us to collect some useful data??